Monday, January 4, 2010

Morose Monday

Look! Look! I'm keeping up with my New Years resolutions! I'm blogging! (Even if, in this post, blogging has become synonymous with whining. :P)

So anyhoo, this Monday is morose, of course, because Christmas holidays are over and even though I don't have to go back to school thanks to that whole I-graduated-last-June thing, I do have to get my rear in gear and finish these online courses I'm taking. I also have to acquire a bulldozer and do something about the piles of mess that have accumulated in my room. o.O

Furthermore, I'm back home after being at my aunt's for two weeks. My aunt typically has 2-12 people in her house at any given time. My house typically has one person: me. And my dog. Whose gastrointestinal system is not as, er, fresh, as it was when she was a younger dog... Anyway, it's all rather lonely in comparison.

But! On the upside, being alone in a house means I don't have to listen to my music through headphones. I can blast it as LOUD AS I WANT!!! Er, as loud as my speakers will let me before they asplode, that is.

And so on that note, I shall scamper off to clean.



  1. Hahaha Elu.

    I agree, one of the best things about having the house to myself is listening to music without headphones.


    And I have quite a gassy dog as well.


  2. Oh, the joys of pets and their aging cycles... *sigh*
    :] Have a nice time cleaning!

  3. I love just running around my house, jumping up and down to different music.


  4. loldogs

    Uh. Room. Cleaning. Yeah. Uh. That. Er. Right. Sure.



  5. Music is only good when you can blast it. But unfortunately I live with my mom, who hates when I turn up my music too loud. :(

    Enjoy cleaning!

  6. LOL @ the dog thing. Love the comic. Have fun :D

  7. Hehe. Well. About an eighth of my room got cleaned today. XD