Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flaws and Poll Summary

Okay, it's time to get that poll out of my sidebar, since people can't vote anymore and it doesn't fit nicely at all. :P

The poll results were as follows:

What makes you swoon over the boys in books?

Their gorgeousness 4 (50%)
Their complete devotion to the MC 4 (50%)
The romantic things they do/say 5 (62%)
Their ability/willingness to protect/stand up for the MC 5 (62%)
The badass-ness 5 (62%)
Their sensitive side 5 (62%)
Their wit 6 (75%)
The fact that they sparkle 0 (0%)

Number of votes: 8

(Edit: I apologize for the fugliness of the poll. *headdesk* It refused to line up nicely justified the other way.)

All in all, it looks like things were pretty close to tied (with sparkly-ness being the obvious exception. No Edward groupies here, apparently. ;D).

This seems to suggest that the love interest in books can either a) have one of a million possible personalities and still have a fair shot at making someone fall in love with them or b) be a mash-up of all the characteristics mentioned in the poll and be named Gary Stu.

And so my point is, as wonderfully gorgeous and romantic and funny and tough-yet-sensitive we can make the LIs in our books, they must have a flaw!

Okay, so I'm kind of stating the obvious, but I needed to give people something to comment on. Tell me: what kind of flaw(s) does the LI in your WIP have?

(Interesting how it seems safe to assume that everyone has a love interest in their book. I suppose because we're all writing YA? If it was MG, it might be a different story... But I digress! Tell me about the flaws! ^_^)


  1. Thore: 'Thinks' he has women figured out. Doesn't think he is capable of love. Is crude. The ultimate perfectionist--drives Leila up the wall.

    Neil: Is too dependent on people. Leads people on. Struggling with his identity. Cares too much about what other people think.

    I make them sound horrible. Lolz. What does Leila see in any of them? XD

  2. Kip: He lets the past cloud his present. He's very abusive and he can't admit how he truly feels.

    Low: He thinks he's always right, and he's too protective.

    Ellis: Well, he has no flaws. He cries a lot but that's human, I guess.

  3. Cameron-
    Gorgeous, devoted, NOT particularly romantic, NOT particularly protective, bad-ass, somewhat sensitive (never, ever shows it), NOT witty, NOT sparkly

    Gorgeous, devoted, romantic, NOT protective, NOT bad-ass, sensitive, witty, NOT sparkly.

    Okay. My LIs are a little Stu-y. I need to work on this LOL. Awesome poll Elu :D

  4. Mihangel - over protective, arrogant, presumptuous. Those are all flaws, yes? XD

    Great poll - pretty sure I participated in it...I think, lol.