Monday, August 3, 2009

What Was Supposed to be a Post About YA Word Counts, But Turned Into a Post About the Book I'm Querying

I should start blogging more consistently. Should, but probably won't, despite my best efforts.

I went and handed in a resume at the local Staples yesterday. Apparently they're hiring like mad this week, so hopefully I'll get an interview.

Ugh, I've just spent the last 20 minutes writing a brilliant post about the length of YA books today, and then I realized it would probably be put to better use posted on the TWFT blog, which means I can't post it here, now.

So instead! I shall post the synopsis for the book I'm hoping to start querying with, as soon as I can write NB a query without sounding like a squealing fangirl.

Standardized tests say that Abby is a mathematical genius. In her world, things are black and white. One plus one always equals two. The sky is blue, the grass is green, and car thieves are bad people who wear balaclavas and haven’t shaved or showered in several days. Or so she thinks, until she leaves work one day and stumbles across Jay.

Jay is a car thief. In fact, he’s in the midst of stealing her car – with the coffee she just served him perched on the roof. But Jay doesn’t wear a balaclava, he smells quite nice, and claims he doesn’t want to be stealing cars.

Black and white bleeds into grey when Jay is sent on a potentially fatal car thieving expedition and Abby realizes she does not want him skipping town. This leaves her with only one option. She has to help him. Somehow.

This book reeeeally needs a title. And possibly a different last paragraph in the synopsis. Hmmm. What do you think?


  1. That sounds really good!
    Oh wow.. That is just.. wow lol
    I cant wait to pick this book up in a bookstore


    Amna (geekpride)

  2. Is it possible to query NB without sounding like a squealing fangirl? The little queries I sometimes practice-write to him (am I saying too much?) are usually half about how wonderful he is... And then kind of like "Oh! By the way... I have a book."

  3. LOL I'm beginning to think it would definitely defy the laws of the universe if I did. (Manage to write a QL without sounding like a squealing, swooning, drooling fangirl, that is.) XD