Monday, August 31, 2009

Rejections and Rock Climbing

Hey, guys!

NB wasn't in love with the partial. *sigh* Ah, well. He's got nice rejection letters. They don't make you feel like decaying excrement.

*continues to shoot off queries to unsuspecting agents*

In other news, I went rock climbing this morning. My atrophied muscles are not used to such activities. They are now going into shock. Seriously, I can barely type. =P My forearm muscles are Dead. With a capital and everything.

And, um, yes. That was pretty much it. This is a short blog post. =D

ETA: Also! The Bee Killing Spray is giving me a headache, which I suspect is a bad sign. *waves goodbye to brain cells*


  1. DW, I never had much brain cells anyway ;)
    sorry about the partial! But I just know you will find the perfect agent for you!

  2. *hugs* for NB rejection. At least we get to read his blog (not the same. Way not the same).

    Yes! Keep Querying!