Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eek! Bad Blogger! That is to say, My First Blog Post In Three Weeks.

I know! I'm an awful blogger!!

I kept meaning to post. Honestly, I did. I don't know how many blog posts I half started, but I did start them. I just never actually finished them. :x

So now I will post something! Even if it isn't of a literary nature.

Yesterday was my first day volunteering for a local film company.

I got to do the clicky thing at the beginning of takes!

<-- You know, that thing. Which is in fact called a slate. And I only messed it up twice! XD

I also met and had lunch with Michael Ironside. No one seems to know who he is (I had to IMDb him) but he's been in a lot of stuff. I actually recognized his voice more than his face.

But anyway! He told me film business was like elephant excrement, give or take a word, and I should run while I could before the stink got stuck. I'm pretty sure he was kidding. :P

The good news is I'm a smidge more certain that I'm doing the right thing by planning to apply to film production programs in uni. Since I've only got a month left to make up my mind, any minute increase in certainty is a very, very good thing.

Oh! There was also uber delicious chicken for lunch! Point 2 for the film industry! They feed you!

So anyhoo, there we have it. My awful, tiny, un-writing related blog post.


  1. *IMDbs Michael Ironside*

    Wow, you had LUNCH WITH HIM? that is really cool. And I loled at the elephant excrement part.

    Good luck with film production :)

  2. Becca, that is SO cool! Have fun hanging with the stars in five years ;D

  3. OMG! I know who he is!

    And I didn't have to google him ;)

    That sounds like sooooo much fun!

  4. Yes, I know exactly who Michael Ironside is. But that's because I'm older than you. LOL. So, is he playing a good guy or a bad guy? Congrats on the job.