Thursday, November 12, 2009

Epiphanies and Christmas Lists (Wow. I just failed miserably trying to type epiphany the first time. XD)

Today, people started asking me what I wanted for Christmas. My obvious answer was, "BOOKS!" But of course they needed me to be more specific than that, so I went and browsed book listings to hunt out titles and authors.

While doing this, I realized three things.

1) Amazon is much cheaper than bookstores. I like this. I should start using Amazon.

2) There are a lot of bad book covers out there. Interestingly enough, the three books I want for Christmas are three of the few with decent covers, but that's besides the point! I was scrolling through the top seller lists on Amazon and was seriously repulsed by a lot of the covers.

3) I want a lot of books that I can't have. Why can't I have them, you ask? Because they aren't published yet. XD One of them is on its way!! (*cough*The DUFF*cough*) And another is soon to be on its way! (*cough*CoS*cough*) But sadly a lot of books I want to read have not even been finished yet (*cough*HURRYUP*cough*), let alone found agents and publishers. *tear*

Hmm. I think I know what I want for Christmas. ARCs and beta rights!!

Anyway, that's about all I have to say today. Now I must scuttle off and work on my physics so that I've actually accomplished something by the time my physics tutor gets here.

Ta! :)

ETA: OH! About that Christmas list. It currently includes Living Dead Girl, Break, and Hush Hush. Any other ideas?


  1. Cracked Up to Be if you haven't read it yet. :D

    When I saw the link on "finished" I got this feeling of dread in the pit of stomach, LOL. Aahh! BECCA! I WILL TRY TO FINISH AC SO THAT YOU CAN READ IT OVER CHRISTMAS BREAK <3

    That will be my Christmas present to everyone hahaha

  2. LAWL! *huggles Emilia* YAY! =D

    *adds Cracked Up to Be to list*

  3. The CONFESSIONS OF GEORGIA NICOLSON series by Louise Rennison. Hi-larious.

  4. Taken By Storm by Angela Morrison

    I so wanna read Hush, Hush too!!

  5. I reviewed Taken By Storm on my blog. So you can check it if you like.

  6. Shiver! Definitely Shiver if you haven't read it already!!! :D